When To Use A Private Mailbox Service

Not all mail that travels in the United States is address-based. Many people prefer the convenience of a private box rather than waiting for mail to be delivered to the home. Commercial and residential customers both have different reasons for choosing to buy a private mailbox, but they have some of the same reasons in common. Number one is the convenience of a private mailbox. When mail travels through different carriers, it can become lost along the way. Sometimes private mailboxes just offer better security and additional checks to ensure that the mail is delivered accurately on time.

Perks of a private mailbox

While it’s true that you pay for a private mailbox, what you’re paying for is much more individual attention to your mail and a great storage capacity. Companies especially receive a large volume of mail that just isn’t going to fit in the average mailbox. Because of this, a private mailbox may be the only way to comfortably and conveniently receive mail (click here).

The three standard sizes of personal mailbox include individual, business, and corporate. The word corporate should be a big hint as to the size of the personal mailbox. You’re going to get much larger space here and be able to receive a larger volume of mail than in an individual mailbox.

In some cases, people may need an individual mailbox as an addition to their regular home delivery. For example, if someone sells products on a website, they may one want entire mailbox for their individual sales alone, instead of lumping that in with a home mailbox. When they receive correspondence from customers, they don’t want that to be in there in their regular address. Safety can be another reason for a private mailbox. For example, you don’t want everyone to have your home address. If you write online and receive correspondence from that, you might not want all of your readers to have your home address. Instead, they can comfortably send you mail to your private mailbox and you protect your identity and home from being known to people who might not agree with everything you write online.

The prices will vary per mailbox, with corporate pricing being the highest because it provides the largest amount of mailbox space. Individual boxes will be less but still require an additional charge to you.