Time Really IS Money

The simple fact of life is that time really does cost money. In construction, this is even truer than many other industries. Every project will have delays, but when the little delays start piling up or a major delay happens, that is money being wasted. The problem is, proving the money that money has gone down the drain is a complicated matter.

Construction delay claims take a lot more than a simple report or two. Many times, it may be a team of professionals in multiple areas, including legal know-how. There are some things that you can do that may help alleviate the need for a team of professionals.

Always have a well-detailed plan going into a project. The worst thing you can do when starting a project is simply assuming scheduling and other issues will work themselves out. This won’t happen and the repercussions of not addressing them early can be catastrophic to your profits. If a possible delay is spotted, take care of it early.

If a delay does arise, keep as detailed records as possible about the event. Often times, the more notes and details, the better chance you have of winning a delay claim dispute. Be sure you note things such as cause of delay and immediate effects, but also get down to the dirty details and document the labor costs associated with the delay as well as things like task costs.

It is also advisable to have a solid contract that defines damages recovered due to delays. Law firms like Lyle Charles Consulting are set up to help construction companies in the Alabama area through all steps of a project.

In the end, it comes down to planning and detail. Delays will be kept down to a minimum with well-thought out plans. That is truly the best thing a project manager can do to ensure an on-time schedule. Things will happen, though. When they do, attack them quickly and details everything from beginning to very end. If you are unsure of anything, a law firm that specializes in Alabama delay claims for construction companies is always a great way to help.