Setting Up The Store

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind about owning a retail store. Your customer base will be determined by the atmosphere of the store and what you sell. Try to offer a broad range of items so that customers have a selection instead of just a few things that are on the shelves in different colors. If customers have several things to pick from, then they will likely want to come back in the future to get more products from the store.

The first thing that customers will see is the threshold. It normally takes up about 10 to 15 feet of space just inside the front door. This is an area of the retail interior design where customers will get a taste of what the store offers. They can often determine how affordable or how expensive the products are that you offer based on the tables and shelves that are set up in the entryway. It’s an area where they will take a step back to view the lighting, the signs and the decorations. If they don’t enjoy what they see, then they will likely look around and walk out the door. However, if you have the entryway designed to be an inviting area, then it can mean an increase in sales and in overall traffic in the store.

Most of the time, customers will turn to the right so that they can circle around the store. The best sales and the most popular items should be displayed in this area. The right wall is considered the power wall. It’s a wall that deserves a bit of extra attention compared to other walls in the store. Bright colors and signs that are easy to read should be displayed along with clothing and items that you want to sell.

Create a pathway in the store that takes customers right by the items that you want them to notice. Position sales signs near these items so that customers will want to buy them compared to items that you can put on sale at a later date. A path with a different texture than the rest of the floor makes it easier for customers to make their way around.