Promote Your Business or Organization On A Sticker Today


From postage stamps to bumper stickers, there’re few people in this world that don’t think custom-made stickers are convenient, attractive and serve as some sort of ideal advertising medium. This post below covers just four of the top ways that it pays for your business, organization or you personally to enter the world of making a statement, and make custom stickers to express your sentiment as well.

A Means To Advertise Your Business

Besides having a website of your own, having stickers printed that have your business name, slogan and phone number is perhaps one of the most time-tested successful means for promoting your business today. Easily printed on a vinyl, waterproof bumper sticker to put on the side of your van as a small company sign, this also makes a cost-effective means of advertising.

Encourage School Spirit

Whether you administer a school, a charitable organization or a form of non-profit entity, having custom-made stickers is a great way to keep your organization’s visibility in the community, and attract new sponsors to your events.

As an inexpensive tool for fund-raising, they can also be sold to potential and present donors as a mean to publicly show their support for your organization’s goals and achievements.

Make A Statement And Display Your Style

Just about anyone has a personal slogan or expression that “says it all.” Putting it on bumper stickers catches your sentiments for all to see whether it’s with a sense of humor, a political view or simply a rant about something. Bumper stickers can be viewed by anyone on a street, but using them as a decorative piece on a fence, wooden or otherwise, is also effective. It’s a good idea, though, to get the fence owner’s permission first!

Used For Interior Wall Accents

One ongoing trend today is to have several different letters individually printed. Making up a favorite quote or even an inspirational scripture on the sticker, they make wonderful ways to display your loving thoughts for the family and home. “Home Sweet Home” is not the only thing you can placed strategically across a living room mirror or even in the playroom or kitchen area. Let your heart and imagination go as you create your artistic form of expression in beautifully chosen fonts and colors–to suit your moods and spirit.

As you can see, making up your own personalized stickers at a quality online label and sticker printer, such as Custom Sticker Makers, is one of the many ways to promote or increase awareness for your business, favorite charitable organization or personal lifestyle. Visit a customized online label or printer website to get more information now and to speak to an online representative today!