Professional Speakers

If your business or organization is looking for a world-class keynote speaker of the highest quality and ability to put on an effective presentation for a special event or conference, be aware that there is a professional speakers bureau that will be happy to line up business, entrepreneurial, and motivational speakers for the occasion. Event organizers like to know that the speakers will give impressive performances and  after-action activities to make the event a success.

What are the Talents of the Speakers?

Available are experienced executives, thought-leaders, and bestselling authors who all can inspire and motivate their audiences with creative and new powerful messages relating to highlighting the future of business and how to improve management skills, leadership decisions, operations, sales, strategy, profits, performance potential, energize business leadership, inform about advancing technologies, accessing the cutting-edge developments that are reshaping the world., create a successful future in many business areas, and much more.

The speakers can encourage every kind of industry with educational and interesting engaging talks in the fields of business, arts, science, and general interest. Advanced tools such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, Big Data, genomics, and other technologies have making it possible to pinpoint future results with exceptional accuracy and allow business leaders to adapt.

Who to Contact

Nextup Speaker Management is just such a professional speaker management company and specializes in working with a roster of excellent event professional speakers. It is also an active member of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB). Michael Humphrey, the CEO of Nextup, has been representing speakers since 1989 and also has a number of best-selling books.

Smart Bites: 45-Second Videos of Some of the Leading Speakers

You can watch and listen to snippets of some of their most sought-after speakers and some of the topics they cover. That includes diverse subjects such as Long-Term Motivation for Leaders, Innovative Companies, Technological Advances, Behaviors of Buyers, Importance of Inspiring Workers, and many more.