Making Money Without Leaving Home

If you aren’t able to work outside the home because of a disability, you don’t have the means or you don’t have reliable childcare, then consider one of the many internet income opportunities that are available. A benefit of working online is that you can work around your schedule, making it easy to make money when the kids are in school or when you are feeling well enough to complete the job.

Selling on sites like Amazon or eBay is an idea if you have ever wanted to have your own boutique or small store. You can usually sell just about anything on these sites as long as it can be shipped in the mail. There are options for how to charge customers for shipping and whether you want to set up an auction or have a fixed price for the items that are sold. Another option is to work as an online sales representative. You will be responsible for getting information from the company to the customers along with advertising in order to grow the business. Affiliate programs often involve selling everything from hotel reservations to medications.

Writing is a productive career that doesn’t take long to get involved with. There are numerous sites that allow you to write a few sample articles so that you know your skill level before beginning to write-full time for the site. You can save the articles that you write to create a portfolio so that you can start writing for your own clients. YouTube is another idea if you like speaking in front of a large group of people. The best thing about this method is that you can make a video from the comfort of your own home without really being in front of anyone. Whether it’s a music video or one that features products that you test, there are numerous ideas for being on YouTube and making money with the advertisements and sponsors that you can get. Gambling is a rather fun way to make money online. Choose from one of the many games available, such as poker, slots or scratch-off cards.