Finding Tough Wholesale Cleaning Cloths for Oil and Gas

If your team works with machinery, you probably have oil and gas related cleanups from time to time. Between the lubricants used in various ways to keep them running and the fuels needed to power equipment like forklifts, even industries that don’t work with oil and gas directly wind up working with oil and gas. Finding the cleaning materials, including cloths, that will help you contain and clean up after messes involving your machine’s maintenance means locating cost-efficient cloths made from materials that can handle petrochemicals.

Fibers That Hold Up To Oil and Gas

Not all cleaning cloths are made alike. Some synthetic materials are absolutely wonderful for making chamois cloths and cleaning rags that are suitable to a variety of purposes, they just don’t hold up when exposed to oil and gas. That’s typically because they are made from petrochemicals processed into the synthetic fibers, or from materials that are very reactive with them. Natural fibers like cotton do a great job of holding up to gas and other petrochemicals, and they are often quite inexpensive.

Reduce Waste By Buying Reclaimed Cloths

If you’re looking for absorbent, well-known material like t-shirt cloth, you can save money and get the cleaning supplies you need while making a choice that reduces waste. Reclaimed cleaning cloths wholesale provide you with bulk ordering options for fabrics known to hold up to oil and gas, and they’re from fabric that is already going to waste, so you don’t have to worry about creating more by using it as your cleanup option. This allows you to take an environmentally conscious step that also saves your company money, which is great for your image and your bottom line.

The EPA estimates 16 million tons of textiles are made in the United States alone each year. That means finding reclaimed cloths should be easy if you’re looking to take this route and save your company money.

Are Reclaimed Textiles Safe for Oil?

The reclaimed textiles you buy will typically be all of a specific kind of fabric. If you don’t know whether a fabric is oil-safe, look for a wholesaler specifically offering cleaning wipes for oil and gas.