Simplifying Your Payroll with a Time Clock System

Icon-RTC1000-2TEver since businesses have been employing people they have been using some form of tracking to manage their workers hours and calculate their pay. The more employees you have, the more complicated your payroll, and the more difficult it will be to identify payroll issues when they occur. When considering whether investing in a time clock system is best for your company, weigh the benefits they can provide in managing your scheduling and payroll.

Time Clock Types

There are a variety of different time management systems to choose from, each with their own advantages, from simple stamped or punched cards to fingerprint or biometric facial recognition web-based systems.

Punch Card — Card-based clocks can be either electronic or mechanical. Due to their simple nature, they are very durable. However, it is possible for employees to punch other people’s cards.

Pins and Badges — More sophisticated than a punch card, a badge or pin uses a magnetic strip, bar code or a pin number and keypad to identify specific employees on your payroll. While employees can still clock other employees in, this method eliminates many transcription errors by recording payroll information and transmitting it to a central file. In addition, they can be programmed with each employee’s schedule.

Biometric Time Clock Systems — A biometric time clock uses fingerprint scans or facial scans to identify each employee, reducing time-card related fraud. They are useful in many high-tech companies, as they can also control access to high-security areas. For example, Allied Time offers both fingerprint and facial scanning models. The uAttend wireless fingerprint scanner is web-based and uses cloud computing, allowing you to monitor employee attendance anytime, anywhere, while also allowing your employees to clock in from a time clock, a phone or smartphone device or a web browser.

Choosing a System

A time clock can be a valuable asset to your company. They make processing payroll more convenient and simpler, and can reduce errors. Utilizing time clocks clarifies the beginning and ending of work shifts and lunch breaks which can result in over or under-paying employees. Depending on the type of system selected, they can also provide extra security and help enforce company policies. Your employees may find it more convenient to clock in and out using web- and phone-based systems. All in all, using a time clock system will make your payroll simpler for everyone, which benefits your company as well as your employees.

3 Things to Consider When Shopping Satellite Internet Connections

Of all the different means of connecting to the internet, one of the least well known is the satellite internet connection. In fact, companies like Dish offer internet service to provide an added value to customers. Dish Internet packages represent some great bundled discounts, but since the service is offered in tiers, individuals need to take a look at the use of the internet, the desired speed required, and perform a balance with the price of the desired option. Luckily, the entire process can usually be completed within a few minutes.


Because data plans skew widely on speed and price, the first element of any internet connection that needs to be considered is the amount of use and the reasons for use. Streaming movies, downloading pictures, social networking, and other tasks require different connection speeds. Therefore, shoppers should have an idea about their particular requirements before committing to a plan that underserves their daily activities.


Dish connection packages feature different speeds designed to suit the requirements of customers. Basically, the provider allows light users to pay less for a slower speed and for heavy internet users to have access to fast speeds. Instead of going with a one-size-fits-all approach that traditional providers employ, Dish helps customers purchase only what they need.


Perhaps the most important part of any type of package is the price. Users that want to bundle satellite television service along with internet service can save money; however, the price generally fluctuates based on the amount of data needed and the speed of the connection. In any instance, shoppers that pay attention to the promotions and particular needs of the household can save a substantial amount of money. Usually, setting a budget and shopping from the viewpoint of cost can help customer make the right decision.

In the end, consumers can save money and increase convenience by purchasing a bundled television and internet plan. By evaluating price, speed, and use, every household can find the ideal solution for their particular needs. With the popularity of satellite television growing, even homes in rural areas can get high speed internet access without having to wait for traditional providers to expand their networks. Choosing the right internet speed provides the solution to keep the every single member of the house satisfied with the service and enhance the entertainment experience.