Time Really IS Money

The simple fact of life is that time really does cost money. In construction, this is even truer than many other industries. Every project will have delays, but when the little delays start piling up or a major delay happens, that is money being wasted. The problem is, proving the money that money has gone down the drain is a complicated matter.

Construction delay claims take a lot more than a simple report or two. Many times, it may be a team of professionals in multiple areas, including legal know-how. There are some things that you can do that may help alleviate the need for a team of professionals.

Always have a well-detailed plan going into a project. The worst thing you can do when starting a project is simply assuming scheduling and other issues will work themselves out. This won’t happen and the repercussions of not addressing them early can be catastrophic to your profits. If a possible delay is spotted, take care of it early.

If a delay does arise, keep as detailed records as possible about the event. Often times, the more notes and details, the better chance you have of winning a delay claim dispute. Be sure you note things such as cause of delay and immediate effects, but also get down to the dirty details and document the labor costs associated with the delay as well as things like task costs.

It is also advisable to have a solid contract that defines damages recovered due to delays. Law firms like Lyle Charles Consulting are set up to help construction companies in the Alabama area through all steps of a project.

In the end, it comes down to planning and detail. Delays will be kept down to a minimum with well-thought out plans. That is truly the best thing a project manager can do to ensure an on-time schedule. Things will happen, though. When they do, attack them quickly and details everything from beginning to very end. If you are unsure of anything, a law firm that specializes in Alabama delay claims for construction companies is always a great way to help.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Online business owners today rely on a wide range of technology to help them serve their customers better. They invest in programs like ecommerce shopping cart software and other virtual programs that will help their websites be more user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing. However, before they can select these options for their sites, they must learn first how these programs work. They can find answers to their most common questions by using websites like SecureNetShop.com and other shopping cart online companies for their research.

When they use these sites, they can get most of the facts they need to make a sound decision from the FAQ areas on the pages. These areas are set up to help people find out most of what they need to know so that they do not have to call customer service or even email the company. They have the information instantly provided to them and have it to refer to as they are setting up their own sites. This accessibility puts their minds at ease and eliminates a lot of the worry that comes with running an online business.

They also can find out details like how they can pay for the programs in which they invest for their websites. Many business owners prefer to use credit cards because this payment option offers a higher level of security. They do not have to worry about sending in a check or buying a money order with cash. Once their credit card payment is processed, they can begin using the service that they purchased for their site.

Once they pay for their service, however, they might wonder how quickly they can get access to it. As they research online, they can discover that they should get access to it almost instantly. The instructions for how to download it to their own computer will be provided via email. They do not have to wait for a letter or package to be delivered in the mail to them.

As with any technological investment, people want to know that their purchases are backed by customer service and guarantees. If they have questions about how to use it, they can contact the company using the details online. They can also use this information to express concerns or inquire about exchanges of services if needed. Setting up a website that is user-friendly is easier when people use online programs available to them.

Giving Back to One’s Home Country

As the bid for the next president begins, one hot topic of conversation has been the definition of a real American citizen, and the question of how much of our domestic resources should be shared with foreign nationals.

There has been a lot of controversy about the idea of refugees and residents of poor countries coming into developed countries to use their resources for education and opportunity. However, in some cases, this becomes an opportunity for these people to bring technology, improvements, and hope back to their natal nations. Though many continue to argue for closed borders due to short-term job loss, there are other long-term benefits to our country as well as abroad that can be realized by keeping an open international educational community.

One fantastic example of this comes from war-torn Afghanistan. Ehsanollah Bayat, a young Afghan engineering student in the 1980’s, has dedicated his life to improving his home country, while establishing a thriving career in the US. According to the Ehsanollah Bayat bio, he studied at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and then went on to become a telecommunications giant. After starting his own Florida based telecom company, he used his success, wealth and knowledge to give back to Afghanistan. He established the first wireless infrastructure in the nation. He has also created radio and wireless companies there, to allow for nationwide access to media.

The US has a need, in many cases, to try and help solve international problems the “American Way”. While this often comes from a place of altruism, there is a need to enlist people who are intimately familiar with the culture, its subtleties, and the roadblocks and avenues which should be followed. By creating an educated community of foreign students who become familiar with the American way, we create a bridge between the two nations. Students afterwards have a distinct advantage, regardless of which country they end up in, in economic diplomacy to help solve complex international problems. They have a sympathy for and a knowledge of both countries, which allows positive solutions that can work for both nations.

There are other, more subtle benefits to the creation of an international learning environment. College students with dorm mates, classmates and greek siblings of other nations are exposed to the reality of people from other nations, and can learn to see past stereotypes. Major world events that happen during a college education timeline will be interpreted differently, and having friends from other nations can help people to become independent thinkers regarding what is best for world events, and to propose positive solutions for global harmony.

Fear of different cultures and nations has always been an issue, but the more exposure to a world that is less frightening and offers more opportunity to all that a developing mind can have, the more positives come out of it. A better quality of life in Afghanistan creates a safer nation, and happier people. This creates a safer world for all of us.

The Key to a Successful Business Event

1Any business, big or small, understands the importance of having a successful event. The attention to details will reflect well on the business itself. They will appear organized, compassionate, and sensible. This is a winning situation for all involved.

Choose a Target Audience

The first thing that needs done is to define the target audience. This will help determine other factors such as content, format, location, and prices. Having a target audience also helps organizers stay focused rather than drifting away for the purpose of the gathering.

List Details

Creating a list of what needs done will keep certain details from being overlooked. The guests will associate everything with the hosting business. No one wants their business to look unorganized. The list should include public transportation, lighting, refreshments, and security among other things.


One needs to make sure there are no other industry events being held on the same day. Events should not be scheduled to close to popular vacation times or holidays. If the invited guests cannot come due to other obligations, there is little possibility off a successful business event.


Organizers need to be open to change while planning the event. Events can change in location or size as the planning progresses. Choose a venue large enough for all guests to be comfortable. All security measures should be put in place such as portable turnstiles from online suppliers such as Turnstiles.us.

Set Limits

Every organizer wants their event to be the best. A realistic idea of time and budget is helpful. If ther is only a short amount of time for planning, an intimate gathering is easily put together. Smaller budgets can be handled by adding in plenty of DIY work.

Make Goals

One should start with a thoughtful and strong strategy. Live events are the ideal way to show a brand off, connect with clients, and receive feedback about the product, but it only works if the organizer knows the end goal. Setting a rigid goal and making plans on how to get there keeps everyone focused.

Following an organized and efficient plan when preparing for a business event will help one stay on track, under budget, and have time to spare. All of this will ensure a successful event that any size business can profit from.

Building Your Business In 2016: A Quick Reference Guide

1As 2016 gains speed, more and more business owners are thinking of ways that they can make this their most profitable year. If you’re serious about pushing your company forward in 2016, this quick reference guide is for you. Use some or all of the business-building services found below to take your company into a new dimension of excellence and exceptionalism:

1. Enhance Your Presentations.

These days, the traditional presentation will no longer do. The digital world has taken over, and people expect presentations to be full of advanced technology, innovative images, and engaging content. For this reason, it’s a good idea to attain professional services to enhance your presentations. Companies like eSlide provide clients with custom Powerpoint presentations services.

2. Focus On Content Marketing.

Content is still king in the world of online advertising. As such, business owners who want to blow their competitors out of the water need to develop high quality content that engages their customers while also offering significant value. One of the best ways to accomplish this objective is by hiring a digital firm that employs talented content writers. These individuals can utilize numerous strategies to optimize the quality of your content, such as the inclusion of visually engaging infographics. Additionally, content writers can utilize advanced marketing services to ensure that your blog posts and web articles appear in online locations that your target audience gravitates to.

3. Keep Everything Cutting Edge.

In a world dominated by technological advancements and digital updates, businesses that want to emerge as industry leaders have to maintain a cutting edge approach to their brand. By remaining up to date regarding new trends and consumer preferences, you can ensure that your brand is relevant in a world subject to ongoing, lightning-fast shifts. There are many ways to ensure that your company retains a cutting edge outlook and image, such as by regularly conducting extensive target market research. This research enables you to remain in tune with the current values and ideological constructs of the individuals most interested in purchasing your goods and services.


If you want to ensure that your company performs well in 2016, it’s important to understand which business principles will help you realize the objective. Some of the best strategies for 2016 include enhancing your presentations, focusing on content marketing, and keeping your brand as cutting edge as possible!

Renewing your vehicle with TATA AIG car insurance

images (6)Renewing the insurance is not a big deal once we are well acquainted with the basic process of insurance policy. The Renewal processes are way too easy to understand in comparison with the basic starting process of the insurance policy. Needing lesser time, lesser rules, and lesser paper work with a huge sigh of relief. Only constraint being the date of expiry for the current insurance policy. Before the current plan expires, TATA AIG demands for the renewal if required by the user. Now this can easily be done online without any obstacles. The interface provided by TATA AIG on the website is also very user friendly. What TATA AIG page asks for is very basic information.

If you visit the official website of the TATA AIGthere are numerous tabs on the home page, under personal insurance tab, there one can find renewal policy option. Under that, renewal option two columns appear one is health insurance and other is motor insurance, for the motor insurance column there are two further options, Two-wheeler and four-wheeler. Now for the car insurance renewal, select four wheeler options and the page will navigate you to the required page where you will be required to put some information related to your current plan or policy number. Now this easy it really is. Just have to go to the website www.tataaiginsuranse.in and the rest can be done pretty easily. TATA AIG has delivered exactly what was required through the online portal for the renewal of the policy. We can be pretty sure of the fact that this online facility has a great positive feedback.

Now Let us see what TATA AIG car insurance renewal online page asks for, it includes policy number first up, followed by the client details and the some personal details, which include, Client ID, Insured name, Engine No, Chassis no and car registration number. After that there are some personal details to be filled up for the contact of the person. The last thing required on this page is the source of income.Putting these details on the page does enough to renew your policy right at that time.

                Now anything that goes online has to have some good portal and user friendly design, every insurance company is working neck to neck in providing all this. There are many users currently who work and are really comfortable with computers and internet access is now not a problem, Reducing paper work, and who doesn’t like getting things done quicker on clicks? This is absolutely a necessity when it comes to a renewal of policy where most of the users don’t do it is because the lack of interest because the process used to take long time and the long paper trails.This online portal has helped play a crucial role in increasing the number of users opting for the renewal of car insurance policies. The plans while being similar, the renewal option is available for almost every other plan without any special constraints than expire as told above.

Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

images (1)Many business would benefit from the use of predictive maintenance. Simply defined, predictive maintenance is a set of techniques which monitor and predict what the condition of a company’s machines and equipment will be so that maintenance is performed before a major breakdown occurs. By using predictive maintenance to prevent equipment breakdowns, the company acquires a number of important benefits.

Increased Readiness

It is hard to take on major new work orders or projects if you are uncertain whether your equipment will be able to handle it. However, with predictive maintenance you have a clearer picture of what your company is capable of at any given time. It can also help you to schedule maintenance work during slow times so as not to have to pause for maintenance work at inconvenient phases of production. Studies have shown that such strategic timing can add as much as five or six percent increases to your productivity and overall readiness.

Lower Costs

Predictive maintenance not only increases readiness and productivity, it also lowers costs. The most expensive way to repair a piece of machinery is after it has broken down. That is when it is most likely to require the largest number of expensive spare parts and overtime labor. In fact, it can cost as much as ten times more to fix a broken down machine than to use predictive maintenance to address problems before they reach the crisis stage.

Worker Safety

While machines that are malfunctioning can be expensive to fix, those costs are often dwarfed into insignificance by the injuries they can cause to employees. There are often medical expenses and worker downtime involved, perhaps even legal expenses if those injured decide to sue. Predictive maintenance is the best way to avoid these costly worker mishaps by preventing the causes of them before they have a chance to occur.

Greater Innovation

By not having to worry so much about catastrophic equipment failures, you and your workers will be able to focus more directly on being more competitive and innovative. Equipment failures mean delays, lost time and even workers sidelined by medical issues. Those complications don’t add to anyone’s productive capacity.

An Essential Tool

Every company of every size should have an expert in the field put together predictive maintenance services that are tailor made for their specific industry. The benefits will be substantial and far reaching.

Can’t Pay Your Taxes? What to Do Next

indexWhether you file personal taxes every year or business taxes, you may find that you actually owe the government money. Many people look forward to their tax returns every year and use those funds to buy a new car, pay off bills or take a luxury vacation. If you did not pay enough in the previous years, the government will require that you pay more when you file later. Even if you cannot afford to pay your taxes, there are a few things you can do.

Consult with an Attorney

As soon as you realize that you cannot pay the total amount of taxes you owe, consult with an attorney or a tax preparation specialist. A tax preparation specialist like a CPA can go over your tax records and any other documents you have to see if you have deductions you can take. Those deductions can significantly reduce the amount that you owe. Working with a tax attorney is another good option. The attorney can help you file state and federal tax forms and help you better understand tax issues. Find out more now about working with a tax specialist.

File for an Extension

Depending on the amount that you owe, you may find that you can pay it off in a few months. Before filing your taxes, file for an extension. The IRS can give you up to six months to file your taxes. You will need to file the proper form and give a valid reason why you need an extension. When you go to file your taxes later, you can pay the total amount due. If you do file for an extension, the IRS may charge you interest on the amount you owe until you pay it off.

Make a Payment Plan

When you owe a significant amount of money and cannot pay it off within the next six months, you can apply for a payment plan with the IRS. The IRS gives you several years to pay off the amount you owe. You can file the paperwork on your own or with the help of a tax specialist. The IRS will let you know how much you must pay every month and how long you have to pay off your balance. Even if you cannot pay the taxes you owe on tax day, you can still work with a specialist, file an extension or sign up for a payment plan.

5 Things Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know for 2016

Shopkeepers at work in a grocery store

The basic principles for business really haven’t changed much. Location, customer service and providing a fair market value for products or services have been driving people for centuries. However, technology today has made a significant difference in how small business owners interact with consumers. Even if you own a small food court kiosk, there are things you need to do to enhance your success in 2016.

Social Media Engagement

Social media plays an integral part in the lives of millions of people per day. From an online business perspective, approximately 10 percent of sales are derived from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The small business needs to be as active on these platforms as their larger counterparts. It helps reinforce the online reputation.

Monitoring Negative Feedback

The Internet gives virtually anyone the ability to voice their opinions regarding any topic. As most consumers will research a company online, any negative comments can be damaging to future relations. These need to be addresses immediately to help quell any misgivings potential consumers have regarding your brand.

Value Your Website

The small business website is the online equivalent of your business. It can be used to share information, distribute coupons or even generate a small amount of revenue. For example, a mall kiosk selling coffee can operate a blog centered around different brands and tastes of coffee while earning money through ad-sharing networks.

Enhance Efficiency through Online Apps

Many aspects of the business have an online application available that may increase your efficiency. Things such as financial bookkeeping and inventory control can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection. This can keep you productive even if you’re not physically at your place of business.

Mobile Marketing

Never underestimate the value of mobile marketing, even if your business is a one-person job. Smartphones and tablets are in abundance all over the globe, and marketing strategies to target those local users can be a boost to sales. Many of these methods can be fine-tuned to target your specific local demographic.

Most small businesses that open their doors today will be closed within four years. If you’re willing to make adjustments to your practice, you may improve your degree of success in the future. It’s imperative that you keep up with current trends if you want to remain competitive in today’s world. Learning everything you can about business practices today will help prevent you from shutting your own doors permanently.

Things Home-based Small Businesses Should Consider When Choosing Paperless Document Management

imagesThings Home-based Small Businesses Should Consider When Choosing Paperless Document Management

If you have a home-based business, you know how quickly paper can accumulate. One- or two-person operations do not often have the luxury of pausing in the middle of daily workflow in order to refile documents or to organize document stacks. Most home business owners simply let the pile mount until they start to feel claustrophobic. Aside from the cause of de-cluttering, there are other benefits for finding the right system to manage your documents. Here are some things to keep in mind as you find the right solution for your business.

Simplified Searching

Converting your home office document management ritual to a software program does not always mean you will have an easy time finding documents when you need them. Some programs are sophisticated and require very specific search terms in order to find the document you may need at the moment. If you have tens of thousands of files and have to log into the document management program, it may take you some time to get to your document. Add more time to this wait if you have other programs open on the only computer in your home office, and you need to cross-reference. Make sure your solution keeps searching simple.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Complex Systems

Avoid buying expensive solutions that are really better suited for a larger business. Sometimes the best way to get paperless is to find a good scanner and a well-planned strategy for storing PDFs. If you go for something more complex, be sure the software allows you to highlight text within a document on your screen and retrieve quick matches for the highlighted words. This makes your office much more efficient, especially if you are running the office alone.


Almost any solution you decide to purchase should be compatible with your existing word processing and spreadsheet software. You will waste much precious time if you have to switch back and forth between platforms or software types. The best path is to find something that can be fully integrated into what you already own.

One of the key things you are looking for when you decide to go paperless is a system that will make you more efficient with completing tasks. You must keep your shortlist filled with options that save time. This can free you to have more meaningful exchanges with clients to secure more business.

Simplifying Your Payroll with a Time Clock System

Icon-RTC1000-2TEver since businesses have been employing people they have been using some form of tracking to manage their workers hours and calculate their pay. The more employees you have, the more complicated your payroll, and the more difficult it will be to identify payroll issues when they occur. When considering whether investing in a time clock system is best for your company, weigh the benefits they can provide in managing your scheduling and payroll.

Time Clock Types

There are a variety of different time management systems to choose from, each with their own advantages, from simple stamped or punched cards to fingerprint or biometric facial recognition web-based systems.

Punch Card — Card-based clocks can be either electronic or mechanical. Due to their simple nature, they are very durable. However, it is possible for employees to punch other people’s cards.

Pins and Badges — More sophisticated than a punch card, a badge or pin uses a magnetic strip, bar code or a pin number and keypad to identify specific employees on your payroll. While employees can still clock other employees in, this method eliminates many transcription errors by recording payroll information and transmitting it to a central file. In addition, they can be programmed with each employee’s schedule.

Biometric Time Clock Systems — A biometric time clock uses fingerprint scans or facial scans to identify each employee, reducing time-card related fraud. They are useful in many high-tech companies, as they can also control access to high-security areas. For example, Allied Time offers both fingerprint and facial scanning models. The uAttend wireless fingerprint scanner is web-based and uses cloud computing, allowing you to monitor employee attendance anytime, anywhere, while also allowing your employees to clock in from a time clock, a phone or smartphone device or a web browser.

Choosing a System

A time clock can be a valuable asset to your company. They make processing payroll more convenient and simpler, and can reduce errors. Utilizing time clocks clarifies the beginning and ending of work shifts and lunch breaks which can result in over or under-paying employees. Depending on the type of system selected, they can also provide extra security and help enforce company policies. Your employees may find it more convenient to clock in and out using web- and phone-based systems. All in all, using a time clock system will make your payroll simpler for everyone, which benefits your company as well as your employees.

3 Things to Consider When Shopping Satellite Internet Connections

Of all the different means of connecting to the internet, one of the least well known is the satellite internet connection. In fact, companies like Dish offer internet service to provide an added value to customers. Dish Internet packages represent some great bundled discounts, but since the service is offered in tiers, individuals need to take a look at the use of the internet, the desired speed required, and perform a balance with the price of the desired option. Luckily, the entire process can usually be completed within a few minutes.


Because data plans skew widely on speed and price, the first element of any internet connection that needs to be considered is the amount of use and the reasons for use. Streaming movies, downloading pictures, social networking, and other tasks require different connection speeds. Therefore, shoppers should have an idea about their particular requirements before committing to a plan that underserves their daily activities.


Dish connection packages feature different speeds designed to suit the requirements of customers. Basically, the provider allows light users to pay less for a slower speed and for heavy internet users to have access to fast speeds. Instead of going with a one-size-fits-all approach that traditional providers employ, Dish helps customers purchase only what they need.


Perhaps the most important part of any type of package is the price. Users that want to bundle satellite television service along with internet service can save money; however, the price generally fluctuates based on the amount of data needed and the speed of the connection. In any instance, shoppers that pay attention to the promotions and particular needs of the household can save a substantial amount of money. Usually, setting a budget and shopping from the viewpoint of cost can help customer make the right decision.

In the end, consumers can save money and increase convenience by purchasing a bundled television and internet plan. By evaluating price, speed, and use, every household can find the ideal solution for their particular needs. With the popularity of satellite television growing, even homes in rural areas can get high speed internet access without having to wait for traditional providers to expand their networks. Choosing the right internet speed provides the solution to keep the every single member of the house satisfied with the service and enhance the entertainment experience.

Meeting Analysis and Information Gives Companies a Critical Edge

Meetings are specifically designed to make a company more productive. If a company did not feel that the meeting would benefit it, that company would choose to have its employees invest time elsewhere. With this in mind, many companies have failed to fully take advantage of their meetings over the years. Often, people use these meetings as an opportunity to get social with neighbors. Rather than focusing on the matter at hand, people get side-tracked and lose their focus. All too often, meetings have been a waste of time and not what the company intended. This is why meeting data and analysis has become such an important tool for companies that want to be better with their time.

In today’s world, almost everything can be measured. Baseball teams measure how often they want batters to walk and strikeout. Companies measure how much time employees are losing during the day with their Internet browsing. It figures that a good company would come up with a way to track meeting productivity. Importantly, this is exactly what has taken place. Automated meeting reviews are only a part of the process. There are many other tools in play, as well.

Meeting reviews provide the leadership of a company with a quick and accurate snapshot of precisely what happened during the course of a meeting. Who said what? How much time did it take? What topics were discussed? These questions are answered in a format that is easy for managers and executives to see and understand. The goal of this analysis is for the company to see where it might be leaking time. Is there a certain person in meetings who just can’t seem to stay on track? Are there two people who continue to have conflict in such a way that it burdens the rest of the meeting participants? These are the critical questions that companies want answers to. Those answers are truly only possible with the help of meeting analytics.

Companies today are crazy about their ability to measure almost anything. They see it as their goal to be as efficient as possible. With this in mind, it makes sense for them to spend a little bit of money on the front end to make sure they are getting the most out of whatever meetings they might hold.